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Semi Permanent Makeup

& Specialist Medical 3D Areola Nipple Artist. 

Semi permanent makeup or cosmetic tattooing  is the art of placing pigment under the skin to give the appearance of make up which does not wash off.  Cosmetic tattooing is highly skilled and is achieved using many different methods. The methods which I have mastered and use either by themsleves or as a combination are the Machine and the Microblading methods. Both are highly sucessful and give great results. In order to see which method is best for you a consultaion is carried out before treatment. 


Prices for Semi Permanent makeup are an estimate for your guidance based on new clients with no medical complications and no previous cosmetic tattooing.  

Depending on your own personal requirements and lots of other variables of the skin and  possibly previous work, the cost of your treatment will change.  You will be advised of the estimated cost of your completed treatment at the consultation. However you may require further treatments as everyones skin heals differently and two people will never get the same results.  This is made clear again in your consultation paperwork.  A patch test is carried out 24 hours before treatment.


Price List

Semi Permanent makeup and Microblading prices can be found on the booking site.  Please click to the link below.


Shhh Appointment Calendar and Pricing

3D Areola and Nipple Tattooing price on request.

Permanenet make up is a two part proceedure.  The cost of the two initial treatments are priced individually.  
All color boost treatments if taken within 18 months of initial treatment are at the top up prices.  After 18 months treatments are classed as new treatments and full price will apply.

If you have work from another Artist my top up price is the same as my new treatement price. 

Correction of other artists work will be assessed and  price given on consultation. 


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